Roam Wants to be the Drake of Electronic Music With his Dark Debut Opus, "TAKER"

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    "Drawing from the dark vibes and arrangements of UK future garage music, while puncturing the song's reflective strings and heavy synth bass with sharp percussion, a hard hitting kick drum and ghostly vocals, "TAKER" is a sparsely lyrical, dark and moody effort from enigmatic, Toronto electronica producer, Roam ."

    Everyone has either been in a toxic relationship or has felt what that was like vicariously by watching someone close to them experience that. It becomes a devastatingly poisonous ordeal of having someone take the love you have to give without returning much or any of it back. I've been in several permutations of that (both romantic and platonic) and felt what it can do to a persons emotional and mental state. I feel like that's something everyone can relate to. That's what I wanted to capture.

    I also wanted this to be a subtle commentary on this experience and the mental health effects it produces, told from the perspective of a male. I feel there's a stigma around being vulnerable as a result of this idea that men HAVE to be masculine and stoic all the time, which is very bad for our mental health. I want to help change that by continuing to make emotional electronic music, almost like how Drake accomplished the same thing with his vulnerability in hip hop.

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