Writing Prompt #1

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    Drake and Metro Boomin arrive at Drake's private studio in Toronto. They open the studio door and find Drake's Dad in the middle of a recording session with Meek Mill.

  • ...budden engineering the session..

  • @John +1 for Drake fan fiction

  • drake: "oh man, oh man oh man"

    not again

    alt text

  • A single tear drop flows down Drake's face. "I'm too good to you", he mumbles. "You took my love for granted" ,mouths Drake, as he slowly backs out of the studio.

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    Drake slowly takes out his phone and looks at it for a moment. Then, sighing sadly he scrolls down to N in his contacts. His finger hovers over the name Nicki Minaj, then he hits dial.

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    "Wait!" Drake's Dad cries out. "Let me explain."

    Drake's Dad takes a deep breath. "Meek is your brother, and you're not leaving here until the two of you record a song together." The studio door behind Drake slams shut and locks.

  • Drake reaches longingly in the direction of the booth. "Et tu, Champagne Grandpapi?"

    Meek smirks, his master plan finally taking shape. He glances toward Drake's father who continues to croon out the smoothest R&B since Luther Vandross had Fancy from the Jamie Foxx show in his videos. Meek breaks out into an impromptu Milly Rock. His form is terrible.

    Metro Boomin decides he wants no more of this. He looks at Drake, diamond-encrusted tears pouring down his face. "That's enough. MEEK!"

    Meek pauses. Drake gasps. Mr. Graham is too smooth to miss a beat, but looks over curiously.

    "I don't trust you."

    The lights dim. A thunderous clap roars from outside, followed by a flash of lightning. "Thought It Was A Drought" slowly fades in from the ethereal speakers of heaven. Suddenly, three loud BANG sounds accompanied by ominous flashes. The lights flicker back to life.

    Meek slumps over in the corner. Drake's father two steps away in shock. Future grins over Meek's bleeding body, he turns and nods to Drake before facing his victim once again.


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