SwampParty Recommends: John Givez

  • Yo watsup guys! This is a new series I am starting where I will be recommending new music and artists to you guys. It isn’t going to be an album review or artist background, mainly just introducing y'all to the artist, linking some music, and giving a couple of my favorite songs. Hope you guys enjoy.

    John Givez to me is a mix of Andre 3stacks, Chance the Rapper, and Kendrick. He is from Oceanside, California and has that West Coast vibe to him. His album Soul Rebel is on Spotify and iTunes. I definitely recommend you check Soul Rebel out, it is in my Top 5 from last year.

    This is the first time I saw/heard John Givez rap and I was sold. He spits something crazy in this video.



    This is the music group John Givez is apart of, Dream Junkies(apart of Kings Dream Entertainment) and is the 1st music video from their new album, Good Religion(I also suggest y'all check that out). John Givez is the first guy to spit and it just sounds super dope. His flows is incredible and I dig his singing/rapping style.



    This is the 1st single and music video from John Givez album, Soul Rebel. This is easily one of my favorite songs from him. His ability to tell a story is phenomenal. He is also an amazing singer, this song and many others you can hear him sing. I haven’t heard a bad hook yet from him and this song is no different.



    This is a Maxi Single from Soul Rebel. Has a Kendrick/Isaiah Rashad/TDE vibe to it.


    This is one of the songs you can really hear John sing and man oh man is it great. 2004 is off Soul Rebel and is one of my favorite songs to vibe to come summertime.


    This is a song of Good Religion by the Dream Junkies, John’s music group with Ruslan and Beleaf. John’s the 3rd verse and his rapping/singing style really shines. You can hear the 3stacks, Chance, and Kendrick influence.


    Sorry if this was too long! I just really enjoy finding new artists/music and sharing it! Let me know if you dig John Givez and let me know your favorite song[s]. Also, let me know if I should keep this series up. I have multiple artists I have in mind that I hear close to no one talk about but that are incredible. Thanks!

    Also, if anyone can help me with linking the links as I think I messed it up lol

  • lit. Love the videography in the Elementary Trill music video

  • @Humility fasho man, I wonder if he is releasing any other music videos for Soul Rebel? Hopefully.

  • @SwampParty don't think he is. Ruslan is dropping soon, Beleaf is next - and according to Ru, John is already working on his next album

  • @Humility yeah I wouldn't think he would since I follow him on Snapchat and he has been in the studio quite a bit lately. Looking forward to Ru and Beleaf tho

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