HBC's Lord Trippy is here with 'FNF'

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    Brief Write-up: With production from fellow HBC member, Brandon Clarke, Lord Trippy's debut begins with echoing keys and thunderous 808s. Paired with artwork from Philadelphia's Dannilion, Trippy's vision comes to life.

    Short Bio: Highest Basement Collective's spark plug Lord Trippy is here to make a ruckus. The Philly native couples his brash delivery with a deft handle on melodies for a roller-coaster experience. If you're not mobbing with some strangers by the time Trippy's well into his first set you might be doing something wrong.

    Artist Name: Lord Trippy
    Single Title: FNF
    Producer: Brandon Clarke
    Engineer: Heaven In Stereo
    Twitter Handle: @Lxrdtrippy
    Artwork: Dannilion

    Management: RileyofHBC@gmail.com

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