DJ Screw | R.I.P. Robert Earl Davis, Jr.

  • I just wanted to start a thread to discuss Screw, his legacy and influence, favorite screw tapes, etc.

  • As a Houston Native and someone who has been exposed to Screw's music pretty much my entire life, I have a bias towards my views about his influence in the rap industry. Obviously, there is a wave of rappers who more than appreciate the work DJ Screw put in with the Screwed Up Click.

    When I talk to others about the Houston rap scene, most people don't really see the potential of its legacy in the broader sense of hip-hop. Rappers like Lil' Keke, Lil' Flip, Fat Pat, HAWK, and Big Moe are local legends but when it comes down to nationwide acclaim and legendary status UGK and Beyonce is what people have in mind.

    Houston Mt. Rushmore should definitely be Screw, Pimp C, Bun, and Z-Ro

  • @jevon Hell yeah! I'm from San Antonio, and even then I didn't get into rap music 'til I was about 13, so I wasn't raised around it. I think UGK and Chamillionaire were some of the first I got into as far as Texas rappers go, and I've only dug deeper since then. I actually took a road trip to HTX earlier this summer and walked away with 4 more Screw tapes to my collection, and so many CDs including pressings of Fat Pat's Ghetto Dreams, Moe's City of Syrup, and Hawk's Under H.A.W.K.'s Wings among others. I was so stoked with everything I found that trip over. But yeah, I think Z-Ro is a living legend, and I always wonder how people not from the Southwest view him, if they even know him that is. I still remember it was a friend of mine who showed me his Crack album, and that's where it all started for me, and I'm so thankful for that.

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