Idris Miles - 20 Year Old London Rapper With A Message!

  • L.U.C.I.D

    Hey Peeps!!

    I go by the name of Idris (pronounced Eye-dris) Miles (pronounced... well I'm sure you can figure it out) and I'm an aspiring rapper/artist from London, UK.

    This year I released a tape entitled "L.U.C.I.D" (Lyrics. Unified. Causing. Idris'. Discovery) and I encourage you guys to check it out! It's all different subjects that were/are relevant in both my life and other people's lives...

    I'll be releasing more music soon which I will also submit via the P&P Forum but for now I hope you enjoy this! Leave a little comment and lemme know how it makes you feel and throw me some constructive criticism too! :headphones:

    Idris Miles

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