Number 1 City in Rap?

  • Which city truly produces the best rappers? Lately it seems as if it's always been Atlanta and Chicago. Chance's newfound stardom and Gucci Mane's release from prison only add to the intensity. cough fuck swag stealing new york

  • Chance is from Chicago. I'd say it kind of depends on what you're looking for out of your emcees, and how far back you want to go. New York invented this shit and should be respected, and more legends have come from NY than probably anywhere else. Atlanta owns hip hop right now. Houston's movement is incredibly strong, and Chicago doesn't get enough credit for the wide variety of emcees they've produced, from Common to Kanye to Lupe to Chance and Vic.

    But honestly, I'd have to say my personal favorite is Cali. Cali's a hip hop anomaly: their sound is extraordinarily consistent, carrying a similar bounce across decades, while at the same time it's constantly evolving and shapeshifting. Cali has always had a presence, always had rap elite, always produced hits of varying degrees. It's a creative mecca. Just my take on it though

  • Yeah. Chance has taken over Chicago as it's lead musician similar to Gucci Mane's hold over Atlanta. I should've clarified the subject to the city with the best active rappers. Concerning New York, guys like Action Bronson and Pro Era develop the city's sound, but it tends be represented by guys like ASAP Mob and Desiigner. While I completely respect their artistry and authenticity, they use southern hiphop's lingo and flows. Cali probably isn't looked at enough, but TDE and Anderson .Paak seem to be holding up the region.

  • To me the whole regional discussion has been irrelevant for years because most of these guys coming out now are all products of the internet

  • Yes, the internet is how we're ultimately introduced to all of these artists, however, rap music at it's very core is about our experiences and perspectives. You can't really shake certain environments and cultures from your memories.

  • @PB yeah but for example...that uzi guy...i could have sworn he was from Atlanta but turns out he is from Philadelphia...when you think of Philly rap you think of a Beanie Sigel/ State Prop type kat. Everyone was kickin ASAP Rocky for soundin like he from Houston. The regional distinctions are gone

  • hahaha I don't really consider lil uzi vert a traditional rapper. He considers himself a "rockstar", representing an altered perspective of what rap music can be. Maybe that's where it'll be headed one day. Regardless, I think the importance of hometown influences in people and rap history will continue to be valued in some spectrum. It's great because it leads to guys, like Chance, giving back to their city.

  • the greater atlanta area

  • @PB lmao mte. lil uzi and some other new acts are pushing rap's boundaries rn but i don't consider them when thinking of hometown representations. vince staples reps the lbc; the internet hasn't killed off traditional rap. at least not yet

  • @tvglare hopefully never 😪

  • Chicago with ATL as a close 2nd

  • Not necessarily right now but in general I would say Bay Area

  • I'd say it used to New York, since it was was the birth place.
    But then in like the late 90's it kinda shifted down south to ATL
    Now, in the mid/late 2010's its moved over to FL
    FL is popping right now with all these guys like Denzel Curry, Pouya, Kodak Black, etc.
    Chi always had amazing artists but we never hear, like chicago chicago
    until like chief keef came out but then still

  • It's Chicago without a doubt. The incredible talent that comes from there is completely unparalleled. They have Chance, Vic, Mick. Saba, Noname, and Joey Purp just to name a few. You could make a strong argument for each of these artists being in the top 10 NS. Outside of the new school, you have Lupe and Ye still making incredible music. You really can't top Chicago right now

  • administrators

    Gotta be Atlanta. Chicago is definitely having a moment too, but Atlanta is setting the pace. Even on Chance's new album he's got Young Thug, Lil Yachty, 2 Chainz, and Future. The Atlanta influence is everywhere.

  • As far as number of artists doing big things right now, I don't think Chicago's even close. Atlanta is definitely the place right now .. not necessarily putting out the best quality of music but definitely the hot spot no question about it. Safe to say it's been the case for a long time now.

    A good way to tell what city is doing the most right now is by checking a few of the mainstream Spotify playlists and see which city has the most artists on them. I haven't done so myself but I would assume Atlanta would have the most artists on those playlists. Can give you a good idea as far as the mainstream is concerned.

  • Toronto and its not even close

  • @WackoWizard LMAO ... please

  • @PB Drake, The Weeknd, Party, Roy Woods, Majid Jordan, Daniel Caesar, Sean Leon, Ramriddlz, SAFE, dvsn, River Tiber, Jazz Cartier, P Reign, Tory Lanez, Lais, Drew Howard, Jimmy Prime...

  • @WackoWizard
    21 Savage
    24 Hrs
    2 Chainz
    808 Mafia
    Andre 3000
    RIP Bankroll Fresh
    Big Boi
    Cee Lo Green
    Cash Out
    Childish Gambino
    Cyhi the Prynce
    Dae Dae
    Daye Jack
    Goodie Mob
    Gucci Mane
    Jermaine Dupri
    Killer Mike
    Kris Kross
    Lil Jon
    Lil Yachty
    Metro Boomin
    Mike Will Made It
    OG Maco
    Peewee Longway
    Playboi Carti
    Rich Homie Quang
    Rich The Kid
    Rome Fortune
    Skippa Da Flippa
    Sonny Digital
    Waka Flocka
    Ying Yang Twins
    Young Dro
    Young Jeezy
    Young Scooter
    Young Thug

  • @PB its a shame Thugger and Raury are the only ones there who arent trash

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