This is the most important album of 2017

  • No click-bait, no boosting (okay a little bit), but my friend Shaun JaRell (@ShaunJaRell) just released his album, Biocentric, independently which is available to stream on all platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, etc.) and it is going to be slept on of course but if you listen to it you will be pleasantly surprised.

    This album is a perfect mix of the sound that popular rap has accepted with the content that every HUMAN BEING can relate to. He doesn't rap about drugs, money, cars, clothes, hoes, and he doesn't even rap about himself. It is like a Future meets Kendrick meets Bryson Tiller with subject matter NO RAPPER has ever touched on.

    The main reason he is so slept on is because he is from Delaware (what big rapper do you know from DE?) and he doesn't have a strong social media presence. But the music is there, trust me.


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