Your Personal Ranking of Kanye's Discography

  • The debate of the century

    Everyone has their own opinions about each of his albums, I want to see how everyone here personally ranks Ye's albums, including or excluding Cruel Summer and Watch The Throne, I think I personally exclude it because Kanye's creativity on structuring his LP's is in a completely different realm as it is when collaborating with other artists. Features are one thing but to include another artist as the force of an album like CS or WTT requires a different thought process. But feel free to include it if that's how your list goes.

    5.College Dropout
    4.The Life of Pablo
    3.Late Registration
    2.808s and Heartbreaks
    1 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    I believe that Yeezus and Graduation upon release are just as strong as all his releases, however are the only two LP's I look back on and can't help feel like they sound a little outdated. As much as I love Yeezus it's not as repayable as Graduation and I also believe he canceled its effectiveness with the Life of Pablo, the same way he outdid The College Dropout with Late Registration. Still to put in perspective what i think of his discography, if i had to put it in scores, the lowest (yeezus) is still easily an 8

    1. Turbo Grafx 16 - this shit is going to be crazy.
    2. Late Registration - Peak of Old Kanye
    3. MBDTF - Lazarus Kanye
    4. Life of Pablo - New Kanye
    5. 808s - Superstar Kanye
    6. Graduation - The Kanye I First Met
    7. College Dropout - Old Kanye
    8. Yeezus - People are going to shit on this album forever and it will never get the appreciation it deserves. It reflected the chaos of Kanye's fame (so fucking meta) and sonically inspired a new generation of rap.

  • @PB Yeah Yeezus and 808s and Heartbreak will always be remembered as something that didn't get enough appreciation at its time, but at least 808s had his chart success in Heartless. Yeezus was a bomb to his conventional way of writing music. I think I liked The Life of Pablo more because stylistically he embraced the culture he helped create.

  • @jevon He definitely reached full circle after working with Chance. It's crazy how life works.

  • This is my favourite discussion because I find it incredibly hard to rank them, and it's always so different for everyone. One album is above another usually for a very trivial reason that gives the former an edge over the latter, because I do think his discography is stellar. I have two lists: one is what I think is his best to worst, and the other is my personal favourites.

    Kanye's best albums, ranked:

    1. College Dropout
    2. MBDTF
    3. Late Registration
    4. Yeezus
    5. The Life of Pablo
    6. Graduation
    7. 808s

    I don't think 808s is his worst in the conventional understanding of the word. I just think the six above it are better.

    Personal favourites:

    1. MBDTF
    2. Late Registration
    3. Graduation
      4 College Dropout
    4. Yeezus
    5. The Life of Pablo
    6. 808s

    Again, I just like his other albums more than 808s, and it's probably the one I've spent the least amount of time with. Having said that, I still really like it.

    Ranking Kanye songs, though—now that's a goddamn task. I once ranked his top 50 songs for funsies and it really seemed like a pointless exercise because, once again, ordering them is based on somewhat trivial reasons.

  • @Joyce

    I agree with how extensive and various this topic brings from Kanye fans, just goes to show how effective he has been in hip-hop. I can't even imagine choosing a top 5 for his songs, kudos.

    alt text

    1. 808s and Heartbreak
    2. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    3. The College Dropout
    4. The Life of Pablo
    5. Late Registration
    6. Yeezus
    7. Graduation

    1. Late Registration
    2. MBDTF
    3. TLOP
    4. The College Dropout
    5. Graduation
    6. Yeezus
    7. 808's & Heartbreak

    1. MBDTF
    2. Late Registration
    3. 808's
    4. Yeezus
    5. College Dropout
    6. Graduation
    7. TLOP

    Love all of them.

  • Can't believe how low Graduation is on a lot of people's lists... I feel like people say that now just because they think it makes them a smarter music fan.

    Definitely 808s changed Hip Hop. It was risky and stylistically innovative, and Ye deserves a huge amount of credit for having the balls to do it and for the doors he opened because of it, but just because an album is risky and stylistically innovative doesn't make it exceptional.

    808s was effective because it was in the larger context of the College Trilogy. It was a statement because his credibility was established and grounded by three classic albums as an artist and all his classics and hits as a producer for other artists. Without an album like Graduation and a huge career already in motion, 808s doesn't get to be a statement. We can have an intellectual discussion about its political merits now, but music isn't an intellectual exercise, its supposed to be a visceral experience and move you. You gotta feel that shit.

    Tell me honestly you sit and bump "Robocop" and "Streetlights" over "Champion" "Flashing Lights" or "I Wonder." Or that you bump "Robocop" or "Streetlights" at all... We like the idea of 808s because of what it represents, but we want to actually listen to Graduation. Same goes with To Pimp a Butterfly and Good Kid Mad City, respectively for Kendrick.

    Also could be said of Yeezus; Yeezus has had much less effect than 808s and would have been even more of a headscratcher to more people if it weren't for MBDTW and Watch the Throne coming right before. Yeezus was in the context of those previous releases. You can take 808s, Yeezus, and TLOP out of his catalog and have it hold up, but can you say the same if it were the other way around?

    1. Graduation
      1a. Late Reg
      1b. MBDTF
    2. College Dropout
    3. Watch the Throne
    4. TLOP
    5. Yeezus
    6. 808s

  • @Sol_EQ everyone doesn't look for the same things in music as you do. I can honestly tell you that, although Graduation is a good album, I listen to both 808's and Yeezus far far more. According to, 808's and Yeezus are respectively my 3rd and 4th most scrobbled Kanye albums, only behind MBDTF and TLOP (which surprised me, but then again I listened to it constantly when it dropped). Graduation is the album I've listened to the least. In most situations, I'd rather listen to 808's than Grad.

    Also funny that you bring up Street Lights, which is my most scrobbled song from any artist.

  • In case it was unclear, my previous post was particularly a reply to this paragraph:

    "Tell me honestly you sit and bump "Robocop" and "Streetlights" over "Champion" "Flashing Lights" or "I Wonder." Or that you bump "Robocop" or "Streetlights" at all... We like the idea of 808s because of what it represents, but we want to actually listen to Graduation. Same goes with To Pimp a Butterfly and Good Kid Mad City, respectively for Kendrick."

  • @simonsw Ya no I feel you - at the end of the day there's not one answer. If someone genuinely likes 808s and Yeezus because they're into that sound then that's all that really matters.

    I was just more challenging the idea that in general people who rank Graduation so low and 808 and Yeezus so high are doing that because they actually like the music and not just because they wanna look like they "get it."

  • So uh... "Street Lights" is definitely one of my all time favorite Kanye songs. Just want to throw that out there. With that being said:

    1. Yeezus
    2. 808's
    3. TLOP
    4. Graduation
    5. College Dropout
    6. MBDTF
    7. Late Registration

    Kanye's lowest-ranking album ,Yeezus, gets a 7/10 at least from me. Partially because I went to the Yeezus tour and was thoroughly impressed, but mostly because, I get those bottom two. 808's was honestly a beautiful album and it was one of his two "venting" projects in my eyes - he needed to get that heartache and pain out. Yeezus was similar except that he was venting his frustration.

    The Life of Pablo was a grand experiment, a neo-gospel album written from the perspective of the sinner not the saint. It was supposed to be a little bit of a mess, because it was Kanye acknowledging, before God, that HE is a bit of a mess.

    Graduation was Kanye deciding he was officially a superstar. CD was Kanye deciding he was officially a rapper. MBDTF was his masterpiece, the culmination of his artistic ambitions in music. It, combined with the brilliant G.O.O.D. Fridays drops, were about as great as Kanye the rapper gets.

    With all that acknowledged, Late Registration was so, so, so incredibly ahead of it's time. Rap in 05 did not sound like LR. It was Kanye fully immersed in music as a whole. The instrumentation, the samples, the song structure, the cohesiveness of the project, the lyricism. All of it was just.. phenomenal, and still is.

    1. MBDTF
    2. Late Registration
    3. Yeezus
    4. College Dropout
    5. Graduation
      6 (tie). The Life of Pablo/808s and Heartbreak

    1. MBDTF
    2. Yeezus
    3. College Dropout
    4. Graduation
    5. Watch The Throne
    6. Late Registration
    7. TLOP
    8. 808's
    9. Cruel Summer

    Honestly, If Kanye retired after MBDTF, he would still be a legend and easily in my top 3 all time. Anything after MBDTF I feel is just a bonus. I believe Kanye has the one of the deepest and best discographies in rap history. No matter who you are & how you look at it, he has at least 3 CLASSIC albums.
    Yeezus was 3 years ahead of its time, 808's changed the game for a variety of reasons, the cultural importance of Watch The Throne,

    Truly one of the greatest artist we will ever see. for real for real

  • Its so hard because even the worst of Kanyes albums is better than the best album of many others. That being said, the top 3 are easy to me:

    1. 808s
    2. Yeezus
    3. MBDTF
    4. Graduation
    5. College Dropout
    6. Late Registration
    7. TLOP

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