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    Nowadays,more and more people like music and they are listening to music anytime and anywhere,playground、road、school、park and so on. Especially the young like to run when listen the music in the evening.The music have also arrived in a mature field. And I know there are tons of examples of music driven LED circuits out there,most of them just mainly control one LED or one string of them.
    Now I have a bold thinking.I would like to make a product that can listen the music at the same time it can calculate how long have you run and how many time have you use or when you are running in the night,it will open the led automatically(here I would like to express is the circuit can control quite a few LEDs at the different light.). THE instrument can change different music according to your condition.For an example,when you tired,it will play a relax music or when you are lazy,it will play a encourage music.
    Now,I don’t have a mature circuit to made such a musical instrument.Actually I'm a newbie in the electronic.But I think maybe it need the following ingredients :1).DSP to be the control chip.2).Sensors 3).LED and so on.Something normal in the musical instrument I don’t write in here.I am planning on making an array of band pass filters that could drive the LED. And I found therea are the LED models and sensors and DSP ect.from kynix semiconductor,like SML-LX1110UPGC-ATR,EMULATOR SENSOR and DSP100-24 ect..Here are the site:[](link url) (others you can type the key word to learn from it)
    As far as the comparators,I didn’t really know what I was putting there to finish it yet.I’m just interesting in music and sport so that I would like to design such a musical instrument.I found kynix semiconductor have a lot of electronic products and maybe it have all I need to finish this instrument.
    Anyway, would my thinking feasible? Any ace can tell me how to do it? I don’t know if my thinking can come true and I just want to have a try.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! I really appreciate any help!

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