Vic Hampton Premieres "Inside" Music Video from his Debut EP "Two Tone"

  • Hey Pigeons & Planes and folks within the Forum, I'm QuakeBeatz I'm a Music Producer from San Francisco, CA. For the last year, My Brother (Vic Hampton) and I have been dedicated working on his first project. As we're living day to day we've been thinking about how life has to be more than just money. That's when his project takes a shift, into the direction of life being more than monetary gain. Vic named this project Two Tone, it's two sides of his life right now. "Inside" is the first single, and visual from the album releasing 3.22.17. On "Inside" He's expressing his thoughts and feelings on a day to day, and how he's coping with the circumstances. We put our hearts into this collection of music. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys checked out "Inside.'

    Vic Hampton "Inside" (Music Video)

    Thanks for your time,

    • QuakeBeatz

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