Tidal Vs. Apple Music


    For the last year I have withheld my paid subscription to both. Why?

    Apple Music manly because I own an iPhone and advertisement was right in my hand everyday with a free 3 month trail so "Why not?" I do occasionally enjoy Beats one Radio with Artist like @Snoopdogg @Pharrell @Drake @officialjaden and many more. As far as everyday got to have it playlist I haven't fallen in love with any in particular on apple music and whoever is creating these "Essential Playlist" for Artist like Anita Baker, Michael Jackson and Raphael Saadiq could do a much better job.

    Tidal captured my attention not only because I am a huge fan of Mr. Hola Hovita himself from his inspirational bestselling book, to his overall business mind and of course Queen B. Tidal was organically introduced in the beginning, from the unique playlist created by artists themselves to watching the first Tidal Conference and seeing a diverse array of artist presented as owners gave me a good feeling about my subscription especially with the involvement of Prince who made history rebelling against the music industry. When I think of Tidal I think of Artist Control and any true fan of music artistry can support that. Now in my eyes Tidal really changed the game when The Beatles became available, and for the longest you could only hear Prince on Tidal. I prefer my Tidal account over my Apple Music but I keep both just incase I can only listen or watch something exclusively on one and not the other.

    How do you on a day to day basis listen to your music?
    How do you discover new Music ?
    What Music Streaming Service do you support or don't support?

    Zhontille Neva
    Instagram @ZhontilleNeVa
    Los Angeles, Ca




  • Whew so glad spotify isn't a contender in this one lol, but I faced the same issue. I do enjoy both services and for whats its worth paying for both or switching between both is relatively affordable considering how much piracy has hurt artists in the past. I am personally all for purchasing hard copies or vinyls but when that isn't an option I do feel less guilty knowing that I am streaming a project and the artist is getting SOME revenue from it. I usually do discover music from blogs but I will say that tidal and apple music playlists have put me on to some really great artists. I guess it all depends what your taste is at the end of the day. Personally I am against streaming in a lot of ways and I do see it crumbling at some point in the future.

  • @zedler and that brings up the question... Will music streaming die?

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