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  • I think DJ Paul is dropping a new mixtape today, and Juicy J just announced his next album "rubba band business: the album"...

    i thought he initally wanted to retire after releasing an album called "THC (The HustleContinues)"...

  • @drankmeister What's your opinion on DJ Paul's solo work? I like Juicy J's stuff, but I've never listened to a solo DJ Paul track.
    I don't even know what J's plans are. I just want to see if songs like "Ice" and "Low" will get placement on the newly titled project.

  • my favourite dj Paul solo records are "Scale-A-Ton" from 2009 and "A Person Of Interest" from 2012. they're both much too long, though, and in my opininon in can be hard to listen through them in one session, same goes for juicy j's solo work, even though he has 2 absolute classic mixtapes, "rubba band Business" and "blue dream & lean". "stay trippy" was also better than ithought it would be

  • @drankmeister Tbh, I'll typically listen through an album, and then shorten it to about 8 or so songs to keep on my iPod. Just enough to satisfy my appetite for whatever sound it is I want to hear. I already had Stay Trippy, and after playing the game on his website to stream it, it's too much fun of a record to deny. I also got a copy of his Hustle Til I Die project and really enjoyed it for the original version of "Lil' Freak" w/ Webbie and on here Project Pat, and also the song "Purple Kush" w/ Pat and Gorilla Zoe. I enjoy the gritty sound of T6M, Frayser Boy, Juicy J, Project Pat, but at the same time I'm not impressed w/ the entire roster, which is why I was wondering about Paul's catalog. I'll still keep an eye out for his stuff though. Him, and especially any of Gangsta Boo's solo stuff.

  • ok, M4L is out now, and after the first listen i must say it's ok. but not good... juicy j's latest mixtapes always sound like standard trap mixtapes beatwise, and dj paul's beats sound like he's trying to bring the throwback memphis sound... a mix of both would be more interesting i think. plus, dj paul's solo stuff lacks juicy's humour.

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