Jimmy Fuchette ... From HTine to Cali! #Ow2giU

  • DMT (Doin' My Thang) is the first single from Houston, TX native Jimmy Fuchette's upcoming EP titled "The Only Way To Go Is Up ..."

    Produced by !llmind ... The extremely talented and multifaceted creator of BoomTrap and the Roseville Music Group.

    "Ow2giU" is Jimmy's first release since relocating from Houston to The Bay Area, and judging by the progression of his sound, the move has seemingly been very fruitful for the Up and Coming Artist.


    DMT (Doin' My Thang)
    Artist: Jimmy Fuchette
    Album: Ow2giU
    Produced By: !llmind

    “For those who prefer the road less traveled.
    Those who value creativity and individuality over the mob mentality.
    The rebels. The creatives. The weirdos. The tastemakers.
    Those who aren't afraid to be themselves in a society where everyone tells you who you should be … The Immortal.
    Those who came to FuchetteUp!"

    Jimmy Fuchette
    Be You.Be True.FuchetteUp
    HipHop Artist/Songwriter
    IG: FuchetteUp
    YouTube: bit.ly/JimmyOV

    #BeYou #BeTrue #FuchetteUp #Original #HoustonTX #HipHop

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