Has anyone else paid a lot less attention to Pitchfork this year?

  • I was admittedly a big fan of Pitchfork for years and years. The site opened me up to some of my favorite albums and I always checked back to see what new stuff was coming out. I get they've always had that pretentious vibe, but they really did shape a lot of my taste and I owe the site a lot for that.

    I've noticed this year I've pretty much stopped caring about what they have to say. After the Condé Nast merger, the direction of their site really seemed to change and the site lost what used to draw me back to it. Once they have Lil Boat a 4.8/10 I felt that they were now out of touch with the culture they once helped create. Their end-of-the-year lists for 2015 also seemed really weak and predictable.

    What do you guys think?

  • They have some alright content from time to time...interviews and performances and stuff...i never paid too much attention to their reviews

  • i stopped paying attention years ago. their other content is cool, but reviews are pretty non sensical

  • yeah, feels a lot like the time of the obsessive self masturbatory writing has been over more definitively this year than before

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    I've stopped reading their reviews but I like their long-form stuff still. I don't think scores matter anymore.

  • that album wasnt even good lol, i agreed with u till u said that

  • I was always more of a stereo gum person but ever since Twitter I been on pitchfork a lot less. Once I stumbled on pigeons it was done for

  • Haven't heard much from Pitchfork this year, mainly because there haven't been enough albums that deserved a BNM tag. Only reason I go on there is to see how they rated my favorite albums/get recommendations from high scoring reviews. I honestly agreed with the Lil Boat rating though tbh

  • lowkey P&P intern thread detected

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