Favorite way to listen to music?

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    I grew up in Indiana and a big part of that included driving around country roads listening to CDs. There are still albums (some embarrassing, some great) that if I hear a song I'm instantly transported back to my old car.

    For the past four years tho I've been in Chicago and NYC with no car, and I miss car music. I feel like I'll listen to an album while at work, on the subway, or my apartment, but I'm not really listening. There are so many distractions! Is this something anyone else can relate to? Where do you guys like to listen to new music? If Frank Ocean drops, what's your ideal situation to listen to that album?

  • In a music studio, or walking around the city with some good bassy headphones and a joint.

  • I've always enjoyed listening through these 40+ year old speakers I have set up at home, dim lighting, and just taking it easy after a long day. You can feel the vibrations from the bass sometimes through the furniture, and nothing as sweet.

  • mostly outside (on the way to or from work, to friends, bars etc.) on sennheiser headphones coming from a good mp3 Player that's set up for the non-EU-area. i live in Germany and all cell phones and regular mp3 Players here have a built-in volume Limitation (plus shitty Sound Quality in General), so if i want to enjoy Music in acceptable Quality i have to carry my mp3 Player with me. that's also the reason i try getting all Music that i listen to in 320 kbps Quality and i always hate it when free mixtapes only come in 128 kbps...

  • My favorite way to listen to my music is in the Car mainly So I can get a better feel for the music and because I can smoke at the sametime lol

  • Late at night, right before I fall asleep.

  • I usually give a skim listen using my old sharp tape/cd amp and speakers hooked up to my laptop in my room. Later I download it from Apple Music and then give the full album a listen while working or going on a walk to complete errands and other things.

  • In the corner of the warehouse...on the floor looking at everyones feet incoherent from all of the ketemine

  • on a bus. or train

  • If I can't go out driving and listen to new music, I normally play tetris and listen to a new album. Gives me something to do without distracting too much from the music.

  • Its really hard for me to fully grasp and get a full sense of an album without hearing it in a car tho...it all falls together with the freedom of the open road

  • DRIVING. all day. best spot. Also on a plane is dope too but those are less frequent.

  • For me it depends on the music. Some songs I'd rather listen to on a sunny day driving down the highway and some songs I'd rather hear at night right before I go to bed but I always need to hear the bass regardless of the song

  • in bed while on my laptop. listening through my standard galaxy s5 earbuds that have gone through the wash 3 times and still sound perfect. lmaoo

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    @rootbeerto u a real 1

  • @John aye much love

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    the car will always be the greatest place to listen to music

  • The car is definitely my favourite. No one would ever label me as a bad ass, but certain albums/songs will make me feel like one when I'm ripping around in my shitty car.

    Also been making myself walk to my destinations (as opposed to driving to them). During my walks, I'm not allowed to touch my phone so I can be totally focused on the music.

  • Earphones, I find it easier to focus on the lyrics and sounds and I've never got a feeling of frisson any other way really

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    In my headphones while doing shit. Like, the best way for me to take in an album or mixtape is to throw my headphones on and like cut the grass or clean my house up.

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    @khal "cut the grass"

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