LUNA // Evergreen Zulak


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    Just to give you a little background on myself..............
    i'm 19, I founded my own art collective and online/event brand and I make all my own shit
    i'm not on no gay ass bryson tiller jacquees dance hally trap r&b bull shit, i'm not on no typical underground vlone suicideboys trap shit, and i'm not on no boring redundant ass boom bap shit.........yeah.

    *includes photobook I made when you download

    I dropped my third tape a week ago and I want real music tastemakers like you niggas to tell me what you think about it and share it // I don't have support from any of these blogs so it's hard to get the exposure I need so if you fuck w/ the tape Please get this shit heard cuz ALL I WANT IS THE FADER/MASKEDGORILLA/NOISEY TO NOTICE ME AND I WILL FUCK THE INDUSTRY UP UNTIL THEY DO.

    They Call Me Lil Fuck AkA The ChipToofBastard AKA JUSTLUNA

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