Is Chance the Rapper overrated?

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  • I think Acid Rap deserves all the praise it gets and that Coloring Book wasn't nearly as good and was over hyped

  • I definitely think Acid Rap was much better than Coloring Book. Chance is living more off the hype of being independent and so successful rather than off the music these days. I don't think his music really speaks for itself anymore and hasn't since Acid Rap, now its more so the idea of Chance that really gets a lot of people hyped. The whole "OMG he's a trailblazer for independent artists and he's so active in the community he's all about giving back!!!!" thing. That's cool and all but where the music at Chano? Coloring Book was okay but it was also mixed like a hot ass beat clap. The mixing on the intro is ESPECIALLY ATROCIOUS. That track has so much beauty in it but its mixed to have the sonic texture of cardboard. Like fam how you got that Kanye feature with the choir and that beautiful vocoder effect but it sound like the fucking Monstars came and sucked all the juice out that bitch?? C'MON FAM!

    Okay I'm done ranting.

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  • I don't think he's that great tbh

    Everyone is just on kanyes nuts so hard that whoever gets the yeezy cosign gets all of the yeezy fanboy support

  • Acid Rap was a instant classic from the way i found out about it, to me keeping that shit on repeat for months, Hell no Chano isnt overrated. His subject matter is different then most rappers, and his bars are ridiculous every song. What makes him overrated again?

  • this thread is fucking overrated but discussion is important. Artist need to develop their sounds, so I don't think Coloring Book disappointed me. It reflected the changes in his life including his fame and newfound life as a father.

  • TBH given that Chance has the popularity he has without label support I would think proves he's far from overrated.

  • i listened to acid rap when it cme out because everyone praised it so much but i couldn't understand how he could get so much hype... the beats are a perfect example of the kind of beats i totally dislike, but the worst thing about his Music is his voice... there are tons of rappers i just don't care about but only a handful that actively annoy me when listening to them. one is chance the rapper, alongside logic, kendrick lamar, desiigner and others. oh plus i really hate his wannabe-funny grimace face on covers and press shots. his eyes are so far apart it Looks like he has some sort of birth defect...

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