Recommended PR firms?

  • Personally, I would love to hear which PR firms P&P recommends!

    I know a handful of artists that haven't had good experiences with PR dealings and this would definitely erase future problems.


  • @ryancruisex depends on what you're looking for the firm to do. just manage your social medias, set up some basic interviews, you can probably do with anyone who's familiar with music. for getting bigger palcements, you need to attract the attention of the shop. remember that for the most part, the artist has the power

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    @ryancruisex Feels weird to recommend certain PR firms because I think it really all depends on the artist's goals, their relationship with the people at the companies, and a million other things. The one thing I have noticed is that every PR company has priorities. I think the most important thing with any PR firm is to establish a real connection, set some goals, get on the same page, and make sure you're not just another artist on the roster. Start by looking at some artists who you think are gaining good momentum and attention, then see who they're working with.

  • @Jacob I appreciate your response, looks like I'm on the right track. Research time.

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