audio quality v.s. the quality of the music?

  • ok let's say frank ocean drops another random song like 'memrise' (a song he dropped on his tumblr years ago). memrise is lo-fi quality that sounds like a voice memo, but the actual song is fucking amazing.
    let's say an artist drops a compilation of demos of great songs that will be eventually completed in high quality.
    famous band drops a collection of low-quality demos of rare b sides.

    what yall say? still appreciate it?

  • I like a lot of lo fi stuff but you can tell when its forced though like early wavves albums. I dont like that.

    My bloody valentine - loveless album is a perfect example of it being executed where it feels natural and authentic

    But if the music is good it speaks for itself

  • mbv is definitely not lo-fi

  • @tvglare lo fi/shoegaze same thing lol just depends how douchey you are

  • @no lol do you know how much production went into loveless

  • @tvglare doesnt really take away from the fact its shrouded in heavy distortion and feedback which is essentially key components in lo fi music

  • @no lmao not rly but ok

  • @tvglare ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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    @toys-r-sus Good songs and raw potential are always appreciated. I think it's really exciting to find a new artist doing things DIY and knowing how much further they could take things with some professional help.

  • I don't mind lo-fi at all. In many ways it can make some songs even more compelling.

    Daniel Johnston is lo-fi in like 99% of his work and it doesn't detract from how beautiful some of his songs are.

    TBH he is an artist that you have to go diamond hunting to find the diamonds but he when he has good stuff it is great in spite of it being lo-fi.

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