Let's talk about Lil Yachty

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    I wasn't feeling him at first, but I have become a fan. What do you guys think of him? Is Lil Yachty here to stay?

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    I dismissed him at first. But his feature verses are so good, and "Intro" is one of my favorite songs of the year. I'm all in on boat

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    I don't think I've given him much of a chance, but his mixtape also sounds like one long song to me. What would you guys recommend for a Yachty novice?

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    @khal "One Night" is still his biggest song, but check out "DipSet" and "King of the Teens" off his new tape to start.

  • @khal I feel you on the "one long song" comment, but he is starting to show some range... which comes across if you listen to "Intro" on 'Lil Boat' and something like "Mase in '97" back to back.

  • @John I dismissed to at first but I currently have one of his songs stuck in my head so label me "on the boat." Song stuck in my head at the moment is "Life Goes On," another favorite is "Good Day."

  • yeah i won't life, wasn't a fan at first. His interviews are the best i've ever seen though, never seen a guy make me smile omuch just through an inter view. You just wanna see him win!

  • he's one of the "new" rappers i'm trying to like, but his voice kinda makes me not want to listen to whole projects. plus his beats don't make up for it. i have the same Problem with Kodak black... i listen to some lil uzi vert or 21 savage etc. once in a while, but lil yachty kinda annoys me. for now that is, i felt the same about ILoveMakonnen at first, but now i really like his Music...

  • Lil boat, the goat!

  • on the boat as well. reminds me of a time where there wasn't so much pressure to like music because of its deep metaphors and subliminal messages. Sometimes its nice to only have to look at the tip of the iceberg, especially when the tip sounds like lil boat. xD

  • @drankmeister agreed on the aspect that these types of artists full projects are tough to get through. definitely more of artists good for listening one ridiculous hype-track at a time

  • Wasn't feelin him too much at first but after watching some of his interviews he seemed like a cool person so it made me give him another chance so I rocks wit him now

  • Yachty is hot just like Young Gunna its all about a vibe

  • Lil Boat Mixtape is one of my most listened to releases of the year and SS2 is great too. I think Yachty has incredible potential and a big wave behind him. Feels like the inklings of a new era in hip-hop. Imagine what a Yachty tape will be like when he's 25?


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