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  • I´m really into grime, i thought if someone else on here is we could share the best/newest etc. Songs and Videos and have a General discussion about it

    AJ Tracey - Leave Me Alone

    Last Japan Feat. AJ Tracey - Ascend

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    hell yeh! Just curious what country are you based in @drankmeister ? Always interesting to see where grime is spreading.

    YGG are essential. Young grime trio, so sick.

    A lot of what Novelist's been doing is sick, and these guys Vision Crew who he's been on radio with a bunch are dope too. One of the MCs Tuckz just dropped this one:

    And there's so much more!

  • I really dig the production on the new Trim album.

  • @Alex-G i'm from Germany. not much of a grime Scene here, but i got to see stormzy earlier this year in Heidelberg. i've been listening to grime for about ten years now, and i'm really happy it's getting big again, so i listen to old stuff like wiley, d double e, president t, ruff sqwad as well as new artists like izzie gibbs, mez, jammz etc

  • Grime is one of the most interesting genres of music that has really blown up in the last decade. Really waiting for grime to blow up here in the US and get some grime artists from here but, I think American Grime would just be rap music.😂😂

  • Yeah bro AJ Tracey is Dope, have you checked out the latest visual from Giggs Album 'The Landlord?
    501 (Hollow & Heston) (Official Video)

    And the latest track from 67?

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    @drankmeister do you have any links to any German grime? I'd be interested to listen.

    @TrappedMagazine yesss Giggs and and 67 are both so hard (tho they're more UK road rap / street rap than grime).

    Another young guy who is killing it (and produces as well) is Jammz

  • This song LITERALLY has all the current active grime guys, AJ Tracey, YGG, Big Zuu, Elf Kid and more

  • great track, free download

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    @jevon said in Grime Thread:

    great track, free download

    great remix. posted this new Riddim Commission with D Double yesterday; more bass house-y but he kills it. party vibes.

  • Briefly made my own thread before I saw this one lol.

    I've been listening to a lot of Tempa T lately. His mixtape All Star Pars (from way back in 2009, when I still listened exclusively to Muse) is fucking amazing. Shit goes harder than a fucking jackhammer. Just replace the live version of Next Hype with the studio version and it basically never lets up.

    Love this tune. I like trap but all the constant bass can get tiring. When it does I just throw on Next Hype. Total banger, literally no bass. It's so sparse. I fucking love it. The synths sound like they're made of titanium.

    Total novice to this stuff. I grew up in Wokingham, Berkshire, and I was a nerd, so grime was totally pariah chav-music. This thread is super helpful.

  • @rawrythompson said in Grime Thread:
    Really waiting for grime to blow up here in the US and get some grime artists from here

    american grime exists, and it's terrible:

    there's some japanese stuff, but that's not for me either. for me, grime only works with UK accents or Patois. outside of the UK, tre mission from canada is actually the only grime(-influenced) Artist that doesn't mess it all up for me:

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    @drankmeister said in Grime Thread:

    @rawrythompson said in Grime Thread:
    Really waiting for grime to blow up here in the US and get some grime artists from here

    american grime exists, and it's terrible

    i dunno, guys like Starkey and Dev79 (and their Seclusiasis/Slit Jockey) imprints are good representations of "American grime," although that's more on an instrumental tip than vocal.

  • i was only talking bout MCs! there's loads of fire instrumental grime from all over the world and i love it. but vocal wise anything else besides UK accent and patois just sounds out of place to me

    elf kid from the square has some interesting sample choices:

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