Favourite album by Daniel Dumile?

  • Top 3 Albums?

    Mine would have to be Operation Doomsday, Mm.. Food and of course Madvillainy (in no particular order)

    To be honest I just want to start a mad conversation about the man himself.

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    Operation Doomsday is his best IMHO.

    Mm.. Food is another classic, but it's heavy on the snippets/skits for me.

    The King Geedorah album was a personal fave as well; he said "bokkle of Mo" and it made me laugh.

  • Agreed. I legitimately got into underground hip-hop because of "Madvillainy"

  • Madvillainy
    Black Bastards (this might be benefitting from how often I've been bumping it lately)
    Operation: Doomsday

  • @khal Take Me To Your Leader definitely gets an honourable mention from me. Ever since I heard Hassan Chop on I Wonder I've been looking for a copy of The Sharpening.

  • @rahischillin What are your overall thoughts on Black Bastards? R.I.P Subroc :(

  • @Absolutechamp I think it's a great album in that, while it kinda wades in a lot of the tendencies of its time, you can still see a lot of the particularities of the Dumile brothers coming through (which perhaps were more blatantly evident on Mr. Hood). It meshes more neatly among the later DOOM stuff, too, I'd say.

  • by dumile himself? definitely operation: doomsday, but if we're counting collab albums, then madvilliany. mm.. food was great as well.

  • Madvillainy is probably my favorite, but The Mouse and the Mask as well as Mm... Food are close behind. Still thankful for his feature on Gorillaz' Demon Days project, b/c that was my first introduction to the masked MC.

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