New Shins album on the way!

  • This is my first P&P forum post, I'm up in the middle of the night with my two year old kid who is the worst sleeper on earth. Tru Dad hours lol.

    Can't fall back asleep, so I was just listening to a new interview with James Mercer, and it sounds like the new Shins album is completed and due out in January 2017. Pretty psyched about this news, The Shins are my favorite band of all time.

    Here's the interview. James talks a lot about writing and recording the new album and also a decent amount about his musical beginnings. Interviewer must be young because he seems unfamiliar with things like Napster and The Grey Album and Garden State. But it's actually refreshing to hear an interview where the interviewer isn't a complete know-it-all. Well-handled by Mercer too, good stuff all around.

    Ps I wrote this list for P&P back when the last Shins album Port of Morrow was released in 2012, please revisit if you're interested...thanks

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