Vince Staples Prima Donna Ep has been announced!!

  • Can't wait for the 26th. Vince Staples is so good, yet so underrated.

  • @jacktharap currently on his website just letting the music videos loop. It's lit

  • i jus read his fader cover & rhe SECOND i finishedcreading, i check p&p & the first thing i see is: "prima donna ep release date announced"
    life is cool

  • 2016 has been a blessed year : ' )

  • aye i wana be admin make me admin p&p i wana be admin whats it take to be admin what it take to make it

  • Vince Staples is one of the most aware rappers in the game right now. His intelligence is impeccable, and the nihilistic, contrarian touch he brings with his cultural presence is exactly what hip-hop needs. Incredibly underrated and I can't wait for this new EP.

  • Aug. 26th should be a good day and now I'm so stoked. Got Vince Staples w/ Prima Dona, and Travi$ Scott supposedly w/ his follow up to Rodeo. My iPod is ready.

  • vince is such an interesting dude lol. i can watch his interviews as much as i lisen to his music.

  • True, can't wait for the EP to drop. I'm a big fan of Vince Staples. Very clever and fascinating guy, just like Chance The Rapper. I saw him live in Brooklyn while visiting NYC last December and he is a futuristic beast.

  • 0_1471542608897_image.png
    ????????????? didnt p&p say it was on the 26th ????????????

  • I'm so ridicilously excited to hear Vince Staples x James Blake.

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