Where do you work? Where do you WISH you worked?

  • If they're the same place then shoutout to you.

    I work on the cash handling side of a casino, myself. Aside from my aspirations to do music full time, I wish I was a screenwriter. Working on scripts for movies or television is a longtime dream of mine.

  • I work in a call center. I wish I was either working in a studio or able to devote all my time to writing and recording in a studio.

    It feels like such a waste of my time doing anything else.

  • @CrockettHall yeah man. Nothing worse than an unfulfilling job, it feels like such a distraction from your true calling

  • I actually have it pretty good right now, tbh. I quit my awful job earlier this year and am just working as a contractor right now, so I work from home and work whenever I need to work. This means I can write more for P&P (which is great) and also fulfill baking orders.

    If I really had it my way, though, I'd own a little bakery with really flexible open/close hours.

  • @Joyce I've been trying to find a job like that, one that affords me the flexibility to do what I actually want to do. I quit working in sales this May for that exact reason.

    This whole 9-5 thing is a scam, 3/10 would not recommend.

  • @Kenny I hiiiighly recommend it. Not having a 9-5 is scary because there's little stability and not having extended health care sucks, but I feel like I'm able to focus on what I need beyond money so much more.

  • i work in the service industry. waiting tables is fast cash, high levels of stress at work but zero responsibility when you leave for the day, hella alcoholics so theres always a drink or two waiting for yo after your shift.
    however - i wish i was touring the globe with my friends drinking strange beer and talking to weird people. performing on stage. dim.

  • @Joyce @Kenny Agreed. After years of trying to do both, I quit my stable day job a little over a year ago and went full-time freelance. So many opportunities have opened up that I never would have been able to jump on (like P&P!) without the flexibility. It didn't make financial sense when I did it and was kinda scary to take the leap, but definitely recommend it if it's possible.

  • I work as a line cook and a barback in a tex mex restaurant, writer for a small website, and play bar shows. I wish I was doing dope production for mine and my associates records.

  • @EricSkelton @Joyce I'm actually in a transitional period like that now. After leaving that last job I took on a few freelance positions - Journalism, some comic editing, focusing energy on establishing my musical/artistic brand, etc. It just doesn't pay the bills.

    To be honest I've spent a long time couch surfing over the last few years, not having enough to eat, trying to take care of my sick dad, my sister... It's hard to chase your dreams when life just piles the shit on, but at the same time those struggles motivate me to do so. Sorry to ramble lol. Fulfillment is so fleeting

  • I go to School, but I have a part time job in a book store. It's not bad, but it can be slow. I get a lot of time to think and read.

    Might sound weird, but I have this dream of working in/owning a small café in a nice city in a warmer country than Norway. It will never happen, but for some reason, if I didn't have to worry about money, working in a café sounds so nice.

  • @simonsw Wanna open a café together?

  • @Joyce I'm down

  • I work as a consultant in a private company. Although i don't hate my job entirely, i wish i worked in anything music, books or movies related.

    I tried producing my music but don't have an ear and enough knowledge to do what i wish i could.

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    I love my job, but before this I worked at a camp for kids with special needs and it was the most fulfilling thing I've ever done in my life. I dedicate so much of my life right now to my job/P&P, but sometimes I miss feeling like I was making more of a contribution to the world. I really want to figure out how to use P&P to do some kind of charity work with music and children with special needs.

    I also worked at a kids party supplies store in high school. One day we had a sale and I had to dress up like a wizard and stand on the side of the road holding a sign. I was stoned, and someone through a plastic water bottle at me out of the window of a passing car. It was one of the low points of my life.

  • Right now I work at a dog kennel/stay and train facility for the summer which is pretty awesome; my job is literally feeding and playing with dogs lmao

    But I'm in college for chemical engineering, hoping I can work someday in the pharmaceutical industry creating less harmful, more effective, and cheaper medication. Working in research with medical machinery such as MRI's and CT scans would also be something I'd love to do

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