Kanye Fans are Attempting to Convince NFL to host Super Bowl 51 Haltime Show

  • http://www.complex.com/music/2016/08/kanyewestforsuperbowl51-kanye-west-fans-try-convince-nfl-let-him-perform-super-bowl

    What do you guys think about this plea? As someone 1) who would love to see such a thing unfold as a Kanye fan and 2) Houston native who has somewhat interested as to who would play this year, I would like to see it yet don't think it will happen.

    Ever since it was confirmed to be set in Houston, I have been making guesses and wishes as to who, and as much as it would have been perfect to have Beyonce perform, I don't think the NFL are interested in bringing her back a third time in five years.

    I have previously thought it would have made more sense to have Drake perform, as they have yet to grab a major Male Rap Artist, and between Ye and Drake obviously Drake has a better appeal because Drake is a radio sweetheart and Kanye could draw a ton of hate.

    My ultimate guess however, it will probably be an old rock/country artist; ZZ Top seems to be what the average Texan would want to see.

  • I would be 100% down to see Kanye perform. ESPECIALLY because of the controversy it would attract. And we all know Ye would be getting turnt up if he was the halftime show at the super bowl.

    I don't expect to see the NFL actually entertain the idea though. Which is a damn shame.

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