Formative Moments in Music

  • What was the first moment you remember that music was going to be your life?

    For me I remember being a kid on the way home from camp when my Dad bought Weezer's blue album because he mistook their song "Holiday" for their song "Island in the Sun"

    We listened to the CD the rest of the ride home and when it was over my dad commented on how he hated the album. But I was super into it. I asked him to give it to me and I used to push the headphones into my ears so I could absorb as much of the solo as possible on "Only In Dreams."

    My family has always been really into music but that was the moment that I was struck and knew that I needed to know as much about music and how it is made as I possibly could.

  • When I listened to De La Soul's "3 Feet High and Rising" for the first time. I was already mostly a rap listener, but that was the album that made me interested in the nuts and bolts of putting the music together. Hearing the samples I could pick out inspired me to look up what else they used, which got me into making beats. Also, I found Pos and Trugoy/Dave's rhyming really "relatable," I suppose?

  • There's been plenty of moments like this, but that's really only because my music tastes have changed multiple times. The moment that really got me into indie music was most recent. I remember I was headed down to SC on a 15 hour drive with my family, which was brutal especially since we tried driving through the night. Around 4AM after failing at falling asleep for hours, I decided to plug in my headphones, and took a listen to xx by The xx. When "Crystalised" came on, I remember we were driving through a major construction area on 95 in Jersey, and all there was surrounding me were these bright lights. For some reason, it just felt absolutely perfect at that moment. I can't listen to that song without remembering that moment now, it's beautiful.

  • As an angry white teenager I remember listening to Sing for the Moment for the first time and realizing I needed to listen to more rap.

  • watching the In Utero performance of nirvana as a kid.

  • Trying to do the moonwalk (and falling on my ass many times lol) as a kid.

  • My parents didn't really play a lot of music in the home and I was a weird only child who kept to herself, so I had to figure out what was good on my own (i.e. listen to the radio endlessly as I built 3D puzzles on the floor of my bedroom). I think the thing that really stands out in my memory, though, is when I was asked to "DJ" (i.e. pick the CDs I wanted to play) for my friend's fifth birthday party. I thought it was such an honour, for them to trust my taste.

    Eminem was my first real taste of rap. My mum bought the CD for me despite the advisory sticker (I was so nervous the entire walk to the store's counter). I remember listening to "Cleanin Out My Closet" over and over again until I had the verses down so I could rap it really fast and show off. Kids are dumb haha.

  • Hearing Daydreanin by Lupe Fiasco made me a huge rap fan, and then (Circle Triangle) by London O'Connor kinda got me into liking "pretty music a lot"

  • I remember being young and getting a copy of Green Day's 'American Idiot'. I'd lie on my bed and listen to that album over and over, not understanding a tenth of the political subtext of the album, but loving it to pieces. I read the linear notes and probably knew every song back to front. My tastes have evolved and changed since then, but I think that was probably a defining part of growing up for me.

  • Listening to Nirvana, Lorde, or XXYYXX. I wanted be in a band and play all the instruments because of Nirvana and to recreate the sound of Lorde and XXYYXX. Actually learned how to use Ableton because of XXYYXX and Flying Lotus.

  • for me, it was listening to nostalgia, ultra when i was about 10 years old. my brother showed me odd future, and i was kind of scared of them, but as a youngin', i could really mess with frank. the short interludes like "soul calibur" and "bitches talkin" really intrigued me, and to this day i still love franks interludes. channel orange was the first album i ever bought with my own money, so i owe frank a lot when it comes to my taste in music and all-around lifestyle, because he was the first guy i started following not only on a musical level, but on a personal level as well.

  • first album I've ever owned. thanks mom.


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