What is off about P3? Nothing, everything? LMK

  • Might be generalizing here, but I feel like most tenured PND listeners will notice that something about P3 is off. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the album as I'm sure a lot of others did, but something is either missing or something extra has been included that is diluting my enjoyment of the album.

    IMO PND reinvents himself on every project, from PND1-3 and PNDCOLOURS, so maybe it's P3 version of PARTY that I am slightly put off by. I also noticed that PND 1 & 2 are 10 and 12 songs respectively.

    From a brief analysis of P3 I found that I enjoyed about 11 songs out of the 16, so maybe it has to do with the amount of enjoyable songs PND is capable of putting out every project?

    Just speculating, but LMK how you feel below!

    don't mind the 4 star rating, everything in my iTunes, omitting Kendrick's (5 star) discography, is 4 stars

    0_1471332345094_Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.24.57 AM.png

  • I've never listened to PND much before and I dont find P3 to justify his hype.

  • He gave too much of his material to Drake. Man gets first dibs on everything

  • The whole recipe sounds very repetitive to me and of course the atmosphere reminds me so much of Drake... which doesn't help finding creativity in this album. "Transparency" is fucking dope though.

  • p3 just seem mad sus ion trust party
    i want him to b less surface level

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