Polka dots, bubbles & finding that someone special - Lovestarrs premiere "Somebody Like You" video

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    I hope you have a great week so far! Lovestarrs (formerly The Good Natured/London-based duo, signed to major label Parlophone) recently released their new electro-pop track "Somebody Like You" via Indie Shuffle and the quirky new video to "Somebody Like You" via C-Heads. Their third track, "Drop Dead Gorgeous” was also premiered on Gigwise. We'd love for you to share the “Somebody Like You” video (most recent release), or let us know if you are interested in doing an article on Lovestarrs as a band or posting one of the other released tracks.The group has a handful of unreleased tracks on their debut album "Planet Lovestarrs" that I'd love for you to check out, if you do single premieres these days too! Can I send them along for a listen (private media link)?


    03.09.2016 The Vestry / Dundee

    04.09.2016 The Electric / Circus Edinburgh

    06.09.2016 The Ferret / Preston

    08.09.2016 Night & Day / Manchester

    09.09.2016 The Nest / Bath

    10.09.2016 Oakford Social / Reading

    15.09.2016 60 Million Postcards / Bournemouth

    16.09.2016 Birthdays / London

    17.09.2016 10 Feet Tall / Cardiff

    I've attached the press release for the group's story and more info on their debut release on indie record label DEFDISCO, based in the UK and Dallas-Fort Worth.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Kali Ah Yuen
    Junior Account Executive

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