Has Drake peaked?

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    Drake's still got hits, but is his best work behind him?

  • I think his best ALBUM might be behind him... but that might not matter.

    To me, Drake is at his best when he releases one-off singles in the middle of the night. I don't really want to listen to a droning 20-song project like VIEWS, but I'll throw "Back to Back" on any time. I'm usually a fan of artists who take the time to craft cohesive albums, but Drake might not be one of those artists. If he understands that and keeps dropping great singles at two in the morning, he'll be fine.

  • unless his ghostwriters come back with something good i'd say so, yes

  • I'm honestly looking forward to Drake's future romantic comedies. I think he'll eventually move toward acting and away from music in the future

  • Drake, so far, seems to be reaching his musical peak but he's far from it. He keeps his music relevant and until he retires from music, his music will always be.

  • Man, as a drake stan, Views is a classic but underwhelming at the same time. but he's talked about almost everything he can talk about... like what new element can he bring to his next album? idk but you gotta believe in drake and anything new he drops

  • His act is in the beginnings of jumping the shark, and he's running out of perspectives to rap through, which is the point of writers I suppose. At this point his raps feel like a check list: Money, Bitches, Bitches that I like, shout-outs to his friends, Money, I fucked your bitch, sneak disses. Which would be fine if he didn't talk about how he's the greatest to do it all the time while being what is essentially a pop star, a product too be sold. I never knock the hustle, but Im also realistic and critical.

    Rap braggadocio doesn't work if it can be factually countered. That's why the best rappers use clever, psuedo-nonsense to imply how skillful they are, cause someone can't smack that shit down easily, they would have to come back with something equally clever.

    "These niggas got them diamonds glowing in they mouths
    and they rocking furs like its snowing in the south
    and every pretty girl tell me that's the shit that she like,
    so why am I in class if this is who Im trying to be like?"

    Drake raps for money and bitches, he got money and bitches. Drake's goal was never to be the literal best, his goal was success, and he got it. So, that is to say, probably but maybe not. Its an answer-less question but its fun to discuss.

  • @Alex-G in terms of rap ability yes
    As a song maker yes
    He is one of the best artist out he knows what he's doing but he's content with his delivery and flow and he will never try to push the boundary again he will never surprise me again not like Kanye

  • Drake peaked at Take Care. Nothing Was The Same, perhaps, debatable, but right now I feel like Take Care is the lastest greatest culmination of Drake's blend of singing and rapping.

  • @princeyizuh I think I agree, he seems to have attained the success he wants or success in general. Success being popularity/status. Artistically he probably feels like he's maintaining the crowd pleaser area and experimentation could be lethal. I could word this better but fuck it.

  • @itsinmycode I was gonna use the term "melodic rap" instead of "rapping and singing" but it didn't seem appropriate to me.

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