Is Chance The Rapper more or less popular than Childish Gambino? Why or why not?

  • My cousin and I were discussing the success and popularity of Chance The Rapper and we had different views on how Chance The Rapper has attained popularity. My cousin believes Gambino "put Chance on", I disagreed. My view is that Acid Rap pretty much put my guy in the forefront. So how, and I mean what events took place in order for Chance to not only become "mainstream", but to remain "mainstream"? That's one. Two, how does Childish Gambino's success compare? For what reasons are Childish Gambino more or less popular than Chance The Rapper? Did Gambino "put Chance on" or introduce him into mainstream? Should Childish Gambino be more popular than Chance The Rapper or have more mainstream success? Do you perhaps think Gambino has as much or more mainstream success than Chance?

  • Childish Gambino does have a lot more albums including 2 studio albums & 3005 was like a huge single. That's just kinda wood for the fire lol. Something to think about.

  • Childish Gambino was doing things other than music for a long time. So i mean, CG got his popularity from his comedy/acting before he was commercially known as a rapper. And this was back in mid 2000s. So i mean, with Chance only getting his mainstream break with Acid Rap a few years ago, I mean it only makes sense that Chance is less popular.

    PLUS, CG has his FX tv show Atlanta premiering soon.

    So, yeah.

  • Childish Gambino brought Chance the Rapper on tour at the beginning of his fame, shortly after he released Acid Rap. This lead to a lot of synonymous fans between the two. I wouldn't say that Gambino is the sole reason for Chance's popularity, but made the inevitable more possible. At the moment, Chance is more popular than Gambino. His music appeals to more people and a young audience has fell in love with him.

  • @theboy i guess popularity is subjective. Gambino is about to have a show on FX, does that not make him more "popular"?

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  • @theboy pretty close.
    but once 'Atlanta' airs, CG blows chance out of the water

  • @PoorMarty It depends on how popular Atlanta is. I happen to live there so I'm excited to see how the city feels. I fucking love Gambino but I think Chance is a superstar. Donald Glover just has a different plan for his life.

  • @theboy Hahahaha how I love empirical evidence!

  • @theboy yeah i can definitely agree with that.

  • @theboy Donald Glover is known for things outside of music. Wouldn't using Childish Gambino instead of DG be better? I know they're the same person but things about Donald Glover on the internet (or google) don't necessarily include the music or Childish Gambino. Everything on the internet referring to Childish Gambino is a reference to the rap artist Childish Gambino. Or maybe not???? lol I would suspect more things do

  • It's more like Donald Glover has a show on FX. Childish Gambino is the music persona. Actually the more I think about it the more confusing it gets.

  • @itsinmycode i guess if we talk about strictly music, then, i mean, right now, chance the rapper is buzzing big because of his new music. it will die down soon.

  • @PoorMarty yeah, that's true but Chance does seem to appeal to a wider audience and to younger people. Gambino seems more niche

  • @itsinmycode i think they're both niche. CG ain't put out music in like almost 2 years. Chance just getting his big commercial break

  • I think Gambino is more popular due to his involvement in various facets of entertainment. I do think, however, Coloring Book has done a fantastic job of catapulting Chance into full-fledged superstardom. And if we are talking about popularity in the moment, I would say Chance is definitely more popular due to the success of CB. I think it's tough to really pinpoint who is more popular due to the different lanes both artists are in right now. Gambino's résumé is more diverse, so he is more well-known (he's also been relatively quiet, musically, as of late), but Chance is having the biggest moment right now.

  • well as far as "popular" as of today - id say chance is. CG is a better spitter period. the I DO NOT TALK free mixtape series had more lyrical content then most artists that release on major labels. CG all day.

  • @shanelongoria exactly. CG been super quiet. And Chance has been killing it since the drop of coloring books

    But you couldn't have said it better

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