probably my best work

  • theyre something that i came up with rather quick, but i can fuck with them:

  • @twentyfivetolife
    both tracks utilize simplicity in a beautiful way
    really dig both of them
    mellow and easy to get down with

  • @bohdane thanks man, i appreciate it.

  • @twentyfivetolife Yo nice job man I fuck with these. Like the minimal style it reminds me of 40 in a way. Feel like there's just one element or layer missing to really set it off I can't put my finger on - like a synth layer or vocal sample maybe.. Also, was wonderin if you had a version of *Track 5 without the guy talkin on top?

  • @Sol_EQ thank you, much appreciated. i'm working on a project, and was planning on using track 5 without the phife dawg interview over top on it.

  • Hey man,

    I'm new to this forum, but am excited to hear what other producers are doing. I dig the first track. I love the creeping synths towards the end and the funky bass. I also like that the the bass is doubled. The rhythm is solid and held down with some nice organic sounds. My only critique would be to push back the shakers/ maracas in the mix, though I like what they add to the rhythm.

    The second track is really laid back, but I love the heavy drums to keep it driving. What is that interview from?

    Great work!


  • @HawksView-Studio thanks my g. the interview in track 5 is from an interview w/ phife dawg in 2000 for MTV,

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