What's the absolute worst concert you've ever been to?

  • I'm lucky to say that not too many bad concerts come to mind, though I do often have to suffer through the usual (bad crowd, terrible opener, etc.).

    I was a huge fan of Saves The Day in middle school and getting the chance to see them meant everything to me (because everything will mean everything to you when you're at 12-year-old girl). There weren't enough people to fill the venue, the lead singer either had some sort of throat condition or he just couldn't sing, and the band wasn't in sync at all. I was disheartened and so disappointed. Left as a non-fan.

  • prolly the 2nd Badboy Reunion show at the Barclays earlier this year.
    Everything started 45mins late. 90 min interludes. horrible experience.
    though, i havent been to many concerts, i dont think anything could have been worse than extreme waiting

  • I went to the last show that Pegstar was booking for a Houston venue Fitzgerald's, and it was OG Maco.

    First thing that went wrong was that his set time was moved to midnight because they added so many openers and he must've wanted to get shit faced before the show because when he came on, he was stumbling with his entire posse.

    There was probably like < 50 people in the crowd, and there was constant water being flown from the stage (kind of like when it gets so hot the artist likes to toss water around and everyone fucks with it but it was extremely annoying when it wasn't the right mood for that kind of move). I appreciated his effort in salvaging his show and his enthusiasm despite being super drunk, but yeah it just was an unpleasant concert and a sad last memory of my favorite Houston venue.

  • @PoorMarty The only person who has ever made me feel okay about him being late is Kendrick. Still ain't right, as he was almost an hour late for a festival appearance, and I was sardine canned in the front, but his set was just so goddamn good.

  • @Joyce yeah lol definitely not cool.
    i mean i ended up having a good time as well..

    though, my heart became jaded when i realized how old i really am at that show, reminiscing about the old days. lol

  • I saw Dave Matthews Band with some buddies recently (it was just something to do), and it just kept going and going and going and...

    Fetty Wap came on stage 40 minutes late at Firefly this summer, and I had to bolt after just one song because I was photographing the festival and I had another set to get to. Almost left before he even came on. I was also there for Kanye's "Where the press at?" Bonnaroo set in 2014, and that was a downer.

  • as bad as i feel saying this - the worst concert I've seen recently was the bone thugs & harmony reunion at irving plaza. i grew a HUGE BTH fan so all the members could have stood on stage and farted into the mic and i would had a great time. but no. started hella late. 2 members didn't show up (if i can remember right i believe it was lazy and bizzy bone. ironic.) i left the venue unsatisfied. still a fan. just damn.

  • the disco biscuits played at some wack electronic music festival. Eventually had to walk away . It was close to torture. I had a free ticket though

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    one time I waited 3 hours for Jeremih to show up to SOB's... it was right when Late Nights dropped, and they kept saying he was "on his way..." got too drunk waiting and don't really remember the show, but what I do remember was excellent.

    Interesting how a lot of these responses have been bout an artist showing up late, rather than the performance itself. Definitely a factor, but some mind games at play: if someone gives the same exact concert twice, once on time and once 2 hours late, the late crowd is probably going to like it less.

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    one time i saw vic mensa, he was on time but shit was really trash and i hate his hairstyle

  • @Graham That's honestly why I'm not seeing Lauryn Hill when she comes my way later this year. It would be unreal to see her, but do I really wanna risk waiting for two hours...? Naaaaah.

  • I have been ride or die for Weezer since I was in high school but I never got the chance to see them live until about 4 years ago.

    They were on tour with Blink-182 and they were coming to St. Louis. Blink is alright with me but I would never buy a ticket and then drive all the way from Memphis to St. Louis to see Blink. (Honestly Blink came through Memphis a couple months ago and I couldn't be bothered to drive 10 minutes to see them so...)

    Anyways we get to St. Louis and I'm stoked because I am seeing the band that made me want to become a musician. I am standing in line with my friends and someone behind us mentions that they heard Weezer had to suddenly drop off the show. In that moment I felt like an IRL version of the Mr. Crab's meme.

    But that wasn't the worst part. In Weezer's place Fall Out Boy would be doing a surprise performance. I can't stand FOB. I would actively go out of my way not to see them live.

    So I got stuck hours from home watching a band I hated and I band that I was meh about. And it was still another two years before I finally saw Weezer.

  • i been to travis scott shows like...3 times now? and he's never shown up. not once. lmao

  • @mychemiclroadman so... you havent been to any travis scott shows?

  • A Meek Mill concert pre-Drake destruction. Its like everyone only showed up so he could perform dreams & nightmares. After that the energy and attention declined drastically. I can only imagine the horror post-Drake.

  • @heavenfederline LOL thats not cool

  • @SpaceAgeWeezy ah man. pre drake destruction haha

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    The Cannibal Ox reunion show was depressing. The Cold Vein was one of my favorite albums in high school and when I finally got to see them in 2012 it was a joke.

    Jon Tanners and I wrote about how bad it was here.

  • @waldo just paid for them :0)

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