• Facebook - i feel its easy to build a following on a fb music page because you already have your friends list to promote your page to. most of your friends will like your music page.
    IG - if you use hashtags that are relavent to your demographic as well as posting quality pictures IG can be very resourceful.
    Twitter - justa place to be you. say the first thing on your mind. don't just post when you have something to promote.
    Snapchat - same as twitter. just more video and pictures.
    Youtube - becoming less and less impactful. try uploading your videos on Facebook. theres a better chance of it getting shared than just a yt link.

    whats your favorite to post on?

  • @VincentTheOwl facebook and twitter are probably the best.

    but it all depends on what type of influence you have and where it lives.

    facebook may be better for sharing, but if all you got is aunts and uncles who listen to smooth jazz. its kind of useless.. i think regardless of your demograph, on twitter you will always reach someone somewhere and oh yeah, twitter loves hashtags.

    youtube isnt becoming less impactful, its become more of just a place to hold the things you plan to share. which is just as important.

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