Lil Uzi Vert "The Perfect LUV Tape" you dig it?

  • Have you heard his latest album and what do you think? Was a bit scared before listening to it thinking it wouldn't be very innovative but I love the pace and the instrumentals. He is melting many things, he has some soul and rocks a lot.

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    Yessss becoming an Uzi Vert fan after the perfect luv tape too, and after that group XXL freestyle with Kodak, 21 and the rest of them. This is a perfect description tbh: "He is melting many things, he has some soul and rocks a lot."

    The energy on the new tape is great, enough different flows and melodies to keep things interesting, some funny punchlines - i'm definitely paying attention now.

    Seeing these guys having fun, doing each other's ad libs, and just enjoying life honestly just makes me happy.

  • If I was in High School I would probably love it and think he was pretty cool. At 23, I dig his clothes and style, but his sound grates on my nerves.

    Its great, absolutely great when Im completely stoned tho.

  • Not nearly as good as Luv is Rage but an improvement on LUVTW

  • no it sux and i hate u

  • i wasn't a big fan of the latest tape but luv is rage and LUV vs the world still bump

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