Who is the best feauture artist of the last couple of years for hiphop and r&b tracks?

  • I think people like Ty $ and The Weeknd, who are versatile with thier singing, crooning and rapping, can make any song better. Jeremih is also a good feauture artist. Future has his momentsa and we all know what happens when Drake blesses a track. However, when it comes to straight up rapping I have to give it to Schoolboy Q. I dont think I have ever heard a subpar feature verse from him.

  • Straight up rapping I'd have to give it to Vince Staples. Kills everything, and has had a lot of great features on non hip hop tracks too, such as Flume's Smoke & Retribution.

  • Kanye is the one person who can hop on a track and make the world listen

  • We all know K. Dot delivers. And, since we're talking about features, I gotta give it to Drake for best verse on Fckin' Problems. One of the most featuriffic rap songs in the past few years.

    A rapper who always murders his verses but hasn't done a lot of features = King Los. Kid Ink's "No Option" is a good example of Los making good use of his feature spot.

  • Relatively new as a big-time feature guy, but Anderson .Paak turns everything to gold. He was my MVP on Dre's "Compton", showed up on a track with Game shortly after. In the past twelve months he's stolen the show on GoldLink's 'Unique', Busdriver's 'Worlds to Run', Kaytranada's 'Glowed Up', TOKiMONSTA's 'Realla' and I'm sure I'm missing a few there, too. Loved his feature on Mac's 'Dang!' too.

    In terms of rap features, Chance shows up rather sparingly but is impactful when he does. Kills everything with Gambino, obviously 'Ultralight Beam' was dope, 'All My Friends' was a hit and I really digged his Macklemore collab this year.

  • 2Chainz. IMO no contest he always my fav feature.

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    I prefer Chance's feature work to a lot of his original stuff.

  • Who remembers when Weezy had his run of features? He was on soooo much shit lol for like almost 2 years

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