• I need it to release on other platforms ASAP.

  • Still watching it, the video is him making a staircase.

    The music is very very VERY enjoyable, sounds so far it is worth the wait.

    There's also reports this is an album of its own, that Boys Don't Cry is still an unknown entity that will be released this weekend, as Rolling Stone reports.

  • This post is deleted!

  • im perfectly content with endless, but if he dropped another project this weekend, that would be insane. ive been waiting for this album for 4 years, and endless definitely made up for lost time in my opinion.

    i also hope individual tracks come out for endless, im trying to listen to higgs on repeat.

  • Been listening through Endless three times now. It's definitely a very enjoyable listen, a lot of beautiful music, but so far it feels like a step down from Nostalgia, Ultra and Channel Orange. Hopefully more is coming this weekend.

    Also, those last 6 or something minutes are really giving me a Kraftwerk vibe. Did Frank just have a german Samsung ad on his Apple Music exclusive project?

  • I wonder if people know Boys Don't Cry is a song by The Cure lol I'm about to listen to Channel Orange for the first time. I listened to Nostalgia Ultra when it came out but don't remember. I gotta see if the hype for this is all real

  • Just finished about my first listen about five minutes ago and...not sure, guys. The music was great - still unsure where it's going to sit on a list of great Frank projects but it's great, they all are.

    I guess my immediate reaction to Endless is relief. No more maybe release dates, no more hours of monotonous live streams or frantic Twitter searching. Which isn't exactly the feeling you want after a new project like this drops. You want excitement, thrill, adrenaline.

    I've been steadfast with the crowd that said 'Frank doesn't owe the fans anything' in terms of dropping the album, and I stand by that. I guess the protracted and bizarre rollout just kind of, personally, exhausted my energy and patience, meaning I wasn't as buzzed by this as I could have been.

    Thoughts? Expecting to cop some (perhaps justified) hate for this thought and may totally do a 180 after a few listens.

  • See what happened? everybody has managed to hype new frank ocean music up to extremely high levels where you're finding the music to be disappointing. This is why internet trendhopping is the worst

  • Apple confirmed there's a new album coming this weekend. Endless is great, life is good.

  • @no NEVER listened to channel orange??? omg take ur time! dont focus AT ALL on the new stuff jus dedicate time to listen to & enjoy & understand channel orange. such an amazing album.

  • btw pm me if yall want the separated track zip of Endless

  • Immediate highlights for everyone?

    "Alabama," "Slide On Me" for me, and also "At Your Best (You Are Love)" (even though that was released a while ago. Just so cool that Jonny Greenwood is on it.

  • @toys-r-sus @no Channel Orange will definitely help you understand the hype.

  • @Joyce I'm really digging the last track on the end, I love synth heavy stuff and when the song intertwined with the end credits I was like completely sold on this as a whole project. Like it really solidified at how much I was enjoying just listening to new Frank tracks again.

    The songs you highlighted are all great too.

  • If you haven't heard Channel Orange, I don't think you can even like, understand what Frank Ocean means...

  • Is it studio quality music in ENDLESS?

  • @itsinmycode Yeah it's great quality, he gives it a sense that its being played in these speakers located in the warehouse but it immediately cuts to a studio quality mix,

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