Melody-focused, Uplifting, Urban/Pop Single - "Beautiful Creatures" by NEW UNIQUE ARTIST "3"

  • … inspired by you. Written for, and to YOU… This single, "Beautiful Creatures", is not just about the “you” that passers-by see and greet on the street. It’s not even about the “you” that you see in the mirror. This song is a reflection of the part of YOU that you yourself might not even be fully acquainted with yet. The part of you that has beat the toughest of odds, and still emanates God-given presence and beautiful creative mastery. I truly hope it inspires you in some way.



    What do I say about me? Well... VA. I mean, how much timeless music has come out of Virginia?? :) Since I was a kid growing up in Richmond, I’ve been writing, composing and “organizing the frequencies” for years! Now I’m ready to share my voice and sonic vision with the world, and I hope you like it!

    In a word, I’d like my arts to be described and most importantly FELT as refreshing! When it comes to the production, the music should strike your ear as uplifting and inspiring. While the melodies and harmonies are easy and pleasurable to listen to, the drums, 808s and rhythm bring the art back to the “bounce”. My intention is that my animated personality and delivery coupled with artistic and thought out lyrical content will launch you to the realization that “… ‘3’ is a true eclectic creative with ‘something for everyone’ to rock to”. In my opinion, the best place to file this in your musical library would be classically influenced "Urban/Pop" ;)

    If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m all about the vibes! I spend a lot of time composing, writing lyrics, and massaging the frequencies. I even sometimes meditate before I sit to create anything to clear my brain and give the creative juices all the necessary uninhibited space to flow freely! I love music and the whole process of bringing an emotion or scene to life through sound, so all of those good vibes go into what moves your eardrums the right way! I appreciate you listening with an open ear, and if you love it, please share it! And even if it isn’t your favorite song, hopefully you’re a little more inspired and energized after listening!

    Love & Above,


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