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    Wassup Everybody !

    My artistname is DREGOTDREAM$,Im 20 Years Old , i was born in a city called Frankfurt am Main in Germany and I still live in Germany.
    I've been messing around with the music since I was 14 and I start taking it serious since I became 18.

    This song here is one of my newest singles. The Topic is very simple: The Hip Hop World is changing fast for good and for bad. I was listening to some new upcoming rappers and etc.
    And some of them new rappers are actually dope and I was inspired. But at the same time I didnt want to create something very similar to them. So I decided to finesse the styles that inspired me and put it in one song. But I did it in my way and I sang a freestyle on a self-produced beat.
    It is catchy and it sounds very melodic.

    But on the other hand I have a whole catalog with songs about more serious topics. And I love music.
    I hope you like it.

    and please check out my Soundcloud i hope you like my music :)

  • ayy new wave type shit

    pre dope

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