If Bands Had Their Own "Watch the Throne" Collaborations

  • With the rising trend of rappers collaborating on full albums (who hyped for Drake/Ye), it would be real nice to see things like that happen with rock or indie bands gathered for a full length albums under both their names. For post-hardcore bands there are Split EPs but imagine if like in the dominance of their careers, an album by The Strokes & The White Stripes.

    It doesn't have to be bands but what are some of your guys thoughts on this?

  • @jevon This could be a really cool thing to see for several different reasons. The closest I think the Indie World has seen to this is when Say Anything did the double album for 'In Defense of the Genre' and invited everyone active in the emo scene to collaborate. But even that is still a far cry from a complete album collaboration between indie bands.

    Here are few mash ups that I would be interested in seeing.

    Rilo Kiley and Bright Eyes - I would envision this as Basically adding Conor Oberst to the songwriting in Rilo Kiley. Their would still be Blake and Jenny songs but there would also be RK backing Conor Oberst too.

    Conor I think would also reintroduce the edge into the Rilo Kiley sound which would be an interesting thing to see given that the last Rilo Kiley record was very polished when compared to their previous albums. And Rilo Kiley would provide Conor with an incredible pop heavy back up band for any songs he brought to the table.

    Weezer and Brian Wilson for those who are familiar with Weezer you probably already know how much Rivers Cuomo loves the Beach Boys. If you are ride or die =w=
    fan you know how tough it has been to watch them get further and further away from the lyrics and sounds they accomplished on their first two albums (and have finally made a somewhat return to musically on the most recent 3 albums).

    I envision this more as Brian Wilson co-writing the songs and lyrics with Rivers then producing the album. As a producer, Brian could contribute in any way he felt necessary during the recording process. I would be down for this because I think Brian would push Weezer to create a new sound for themselves.

    Now I'm sure I'm gonna catch myself thinking of all kinds of different mash ups this weekend.

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