unheard of. (music rec)

  • I'm creating this thread because I want to push myself to share music I love that you probably haven’t heard. I live in Memphis so I will likely focus on bands/musicians/rappers in this area but I will also post about people who tour through.

    My only goal is to try and post about people who remain mostly undiscovered. At times this will include artists who are no longer active because good music does not have an expiration date.

    I'm starting with one of my favorite bands The Memphis Dawls. I'll spare you the history of the band (which you can read here) and instead focus on how the Dawls captured my attention.

    If you are active in your local music scene I would imagine there are artists that you’ve heard about but haven't seen yet. Artist’s whose name and reputation precede them. This was the case for me with The Memphis Dawls. I'd heard their name for a few years but we never crossed paths until I found myself at Black Lodge Video (now closed) on the night before Halloween. Black Lodge was a DVD/VHS rental store that at times doubled as a small venue and that night it was filled with people. I stood close to the front and under a single dim red light watched as three women dressed as undead brides played a set that is still cemented in my brain.

    The moment they launched into their song "Liar" with its harmonies and incredible hook I knew I had found a new favorite band. When I fall in love with a song I play it over and over trying to figure out where the magic is that makes me love it. I drove around for months singing along and listening to 'Liar' at full volume.

    Currently the Memphis Dawls are on hiatus while they each pursue different projects. Their music is still available through Madjack records so if you enjoy this live version of 'Liar' be sure to check out their album which can be heard on Spotify or purchased on iTunes.

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