Honest Question. How important is album/song art?

  • I catch myself deciding for/against listening to certain songs due to it's art. I guess it carries the aesthetic of what I expect to hear. What does everyone think?

  • Very important to me, It's usually not enough to turn me off of music, but I've listen to new artists solely off the strength of the artwork they use. To me that's the vision you tried to capture through sound in the song/album.

  • A good record cover can incentivize a listen, but there's a few records I listen to that don't have excellent album covers.

  • When I go vinyl shopping I'll consider buying a record based solely off of the vibe I get from the cover art. So the art is a great attention grabber that when combined with great music, makes a deadly combination.

  • I agree with all of those who have posted. Good/Great album art can help capture my attention but if the song/album is good then I'm not so worried about the cover art.

    To me the perfect example is Weezer's 'Hurley' I actively despise the lack of vision they put into the art on this album and completely believe that this contributed to an album with several decent/great songs being critically panned.

    I mean look at that they wasted their cover art for this record on a pun about how their album is called 'Hurley' and look it's Jorge Garcia who played a character named Hurley. facepalm

  • in this fast paced industry i think album art isnt as important any more.
    it used to show character and creativity and now, it just became an extra step in uploading a song to the internet
    there are very few people who even care about the album art
    as a visual artist, i tend to notice album art but because theres so much uninspired shit out there i kind of just tune it out now.

    i think now, how much ipay more attention to music depends on who's sharing it more than the cover that goes along with it.

  • Honestly, I think its pretty big, especially if youre just starting out. When Im browsing HHNH for new releases, if I see a dope/weird cover and a cool sounding name, chances are I click it and give it a listen. But if you got a boring ass cover and name, youre gonna get skipped over 100 times out of 100

  • @WackoWizard yeah, i think for new music or music discovery it plays a bigger part. but if its from an artist i already follow and am a fan of, i dont even look at the art. or if its something someone im a fan of shares something from someone id prolly listen without paying much attention to the art

  • @PoorMarty yea ill give you that. But i will also say that the art influence how you listen to an album as well. Like the cover for August 26 really didnt matchup with the mood of the album and it was mad weird listening imo and I think it shows how creative and personal and artist really is. But yea, if I already like an artist, a shitty cover wont make me not listen.

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