(<50k Spotify listens) albums that deserve attention

  • Grapefruit by Kiran Leonard. Super experimental, ambitious album. Lush orchestration, combined with extreme dynamics, makes this a very underrated and underappreciated album. Must listen for anyone into the more experimental side of Radiohead or stuff like that.

  • Kiran Leonard is an absolute genius, it's crazy to think the dude is only 20 years old. My submission is Jordan Rakei, a producer/singer from Brisbane, Australia. He's got some really smooth vocals and incorporates an excellent jazz fusion approach to his solo work. You may have seen him feature on Disclosure's 'Masterpiece', or know him from his work with the incomparable Tom Misch.

    The two of them produced GoldLink's 'New Black' together, shared the feature on Mr. Carmack's 'Go Get Her', remixed Slum Village's 'Get Dis Money' and collaborated together for 'Wake Up This Day' off Misch's Beat Tape 2. Wow, didn't realise they'd done so much together.

    Anyway, this is his debut album. Full Disclosure (heh), I'm not sure if it's under 50k plays but given how under the radar Rakei is even in his home country, I'm guessing it is.


  • The album 'Myth Is This' by Tiger High is well below 50k but features one of the best opening tracks from any indie album I've heard.

    The guitars and production are all top shelf indie music imo.


    0_1471909525560_tiger high.jpg

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