Deciphering Frank Oceans 'Blonde'

  • I know its only been a couple days since the release of Blonde, and thats not nearly enough time to fully comprehend a Frank Ocean project. However, I want to know what you guys have been able to gather up so far from individual songs and the album as a whole.

  • Dreaming a thought that could dream about a thought
    That could think of the dreamer that thought
    That could think of dreaming and getting a glimmer of God
    I be dreaming a dream in a thought
    That could dream about a thought
    That could think about dreaming a dream
    Where I can not, where I can not

    ... yeah.

  • I saw his list of people who contributed to the album, im pretty sure it said elliot smith and he's been dead since like when I saw david bowie that became highly questionable as well lol

  • Full list of contributors:
    Amber Coffman (of Dirty Projectors), Andre 3000, Arca, Beatles, Benjamin Wright, Beyonce, Bob Ludwig, Brian Eno, Buddy Ross, Caleb Levan, Christophe Chassol, David Bowie, Elliot Smith, Fish, Gang of Four, James Blake, Jamie xx, Jason Lader, Jazmine Sullivan, Jeff Ellis, Joe Visciano, Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead), Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Kim Burrell, Kohh, Loota, Malay, Matt Mysko, Mike Dean, Michael Uzowuru, Om'mas Keith, Pharrell, Rick Rubin, Rostam Batmanglij, Sam Petts-Davies, Sean Oakley, SebastiAn, Space Man, Tom Elmhirst, Tyler, The Creator, Yung Lean, 88 Keys.

    Geez, with friends like these...

  • I come to understand the elliott smith, bowie, beatles, etc "contributions" are samples or lines from those artists...which if you ask me is a HUGE difference from an actual contribution. A little misleading lol thats like Hov saying the Doors helped him and Ye with Takeover

  • I've deciphered that "Nights" is fuckin lit

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