Watch Protestors Confront Police in Music Video Addressing Police Shootings

  • Sol EQ - "Move Slow"
    (There's a quick intro documenting the protest before the song drops)

    Description: Immediately following the police shootings of ‪Philando Castile‬ and ‪Alton Sterling‬, thousands of people poured into the streets of Oakland in National solidarity, confronting OPD and shutting down the 880 freeway for over four hours. When the news spread of the shooting in Dallas that same night, it felt like anything could happen.

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    Cover Art:
    0_1471875760924_Move Slow Cover Art.jpg

    Press Photo:
    0_1471875801606_Sol EQ Press Photo-min.jpg

    Bio: Sol EQ is a Hip Hop Artist and Producer from Los Angeles currently living in the Bay Area. From poignant storytelling songs, to high-energy rap bangers, Sol brings together a unique combination of lyrical skill and songwriting ability. He is set to release his debut project, “Mania” later this year.

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