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  • First off, thank you for putting the forum together and giving the community a place to connect. Are there any different guidelines that you want us to follow for submissions on the forum? (i.e. format, inline images, follow ups, etc.)

    Also, would there be any way we could start a featured P&P Writer Feedback for forum members? I saw @Kenny idea for an “Artist of the Week” and I thought it could be dope to incentivize that with the best song being chosen to get some quick feedback from a Pigeons & Planes writer so artists know where they’re doing good and where they need work.


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    @Sol_EQ I like this idea, and definitely want to figure out how we can deliver feedback better. When I like something, I'll respond when I can, but it's really difficult to give feedback on stuff I don't like, and to be honest, I don't like 95% of submissions. There's potential in everything, but there is just way more bad music than there is good, and once you spend hours every day listening to submissions, you realize it.

    When I started P&P I used to try to respond to as much as I could. Sometimes I went years going back and forth with artists whose music I didn't like. It's become harder to do that. I still try and I still reply to artists all the time, but I mostly reach out to the ones I like now. I've had some really bad experiences giving negative feedback, and found that while it should be productive, it usually isn't. Most artists are convinced that their music is great, and if I don't appreciate it then I'm sleeping on them.

    But I think the forum could be a good place to do this, because it's all public and other forum users can weigh in. When we were initially talking about the submissions section of the forum, we were thinking users could upvote the best submissions, making standouts rise to the top. The upvoting system doesn't work like we thought it would, but we're going to figure out a solution to that.

    Down to try a weekly feedback session with a best artist of the week chosen and promoted on the forum. Maybe to limit it we'll do it during a certain time, like a Reddit AMA. If we set aside and hour and a half or so and get the whole P&P team on a thread listening to songs and replying with feedback, we should be able to get through a lot of music.

    Sorry for the long ass response but thanks for the ideas.

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