How do you feel about The Life of Pablo now?

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    compared to when it first released? has it grown on you? stayed the same?

    when it first dropped I would have ranked it as my least favorite kanye album, but now I'm not sure. I keep finding new things to love about it. initially I would have probably gave it a 7 but right now I'll give it 9

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  • I haven't even played a single song from it in months now. I thought it was OK at first, listenable with some trash on it. But now... Wow. I like a few songs, but I'd never think to put them on. It didn't age well, for me. I could tell that it wouldn't straight away though.

    I went to the cinema to see the live stream of the "premiere", and I was legitimately bored come the end. Some songs grew on me, for a while, and then got tired almost straight away.

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    @John yoo great question, Pablo definitely grew on me as the year went by, and I think it has some of Kanye's best songs ever (Ultralight Beam and Wolves among them). I'm at an 8 or a 9 with it too

  • I'm really not too crazy about the album as much as I was the first few times listening to it...but the ultra light beam performance on SNL did bring tears to my eyes though...and I haven't cried since I was a baby.

  • The album grew more and more as a favorite of mine as time passed. But I also don't listen to it as much as I used to aside from a few tracks, I still love it as whole no doubt

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    i barely play the album, but i think it's because EVERYONE was playing it when it dropped. i might revisit it, but outside of stuff like "Wolves" and "No More Parties," i'm a-OK with not diving too deeply into it for a bit.

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    it's still in the trash

  • The replay value for me is high. Saint Pablo and the updated mixes improved the album. I still hate Facts and Lowlights. It's not a classic or anywhere near the level of the Fantasy album. I know it's not cohesive but songs like wolves, real friends, ultralight bean are amazing.

  • remains incredible.

  • i took a long break (a month or so) from it then listened again the other day and it sounds so fresh now.

  • There are a few tracks I don't dig and to me it still lacks a bit of cohesion but I still love it overall.

  • The first time I heard Ultralight Beams I was super depressed and when it came on it completely broke me. I listened to it on loop for an hour in a flood of tears. The beat for Wolves blew me away completely, it was so so tight! It was a fantastic album but by no means his best.

  • it's good for hip hop, but not an enjoyable listen for me personally. It opens up room for more abstractions and different ways to frame ideas, so I appreciate it in that way.

  • Still in heavy rotation, though I did have to take a little break after the first month because I was listening to it too much. "Ultralight Beam" still peers deep into my soul as it did when I first heard it (which, like @SethMalice, left me in tears).

  • honestly haven't had it in rotation and frankly kinda forgot about it after listening to it nonstop immediately after its release. this thread kinda makes me wanna put it back in rotation tho :thinking:

  • Constant rotation since it dropped, but thats how I am with all Ye albums. I think its got a lot of great records and composition music wise. FML, UltraLight Beam, Waves, Wolves, Famous? All masterfully crafted.

    Also I'm really digging the visuals that Ye's had so far, I really liked Famous concept wise and Wolves was a personal favorite because of all the Balmain.

  • I have at least five favorites from the album. I don't mind it, I never played it religiously when it was released. Much like other albums, I kept what I like and got rid of what I didn't. The latest, "Saint Pablo" addition to the tracklist has become my recent favorite. Just my opinion.

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  • im just still greatful kanye managed to sneak that 38 second iphone voice memo of frank singing and then released it for the people

  • I still listen to it all the time and love it. I really like the whole Pablo period too (even though the Yeezus period was probably my favorite). I find it hard to rank in his catalogue because it really stands on its own (like most of his albums). I still dig the collage nature of it and think it has some very powerful moments. It works great as an album, can't wait to see how he does it live on the SAINT PABLO tour.

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  • Still think that this is one of the most compelling albums I've listened to. No one is making music like Kanye West point blank, to me he's definitely a visionary. I think I've overplayed the album to an extent but I think the vision is so apparent in this album and the positive undercurrent definitely affected the way I think about the world. The Life of Pablo still helps me feel like my dreams are within reach and I don't know if there's any other piece of art that inspires me the way this does.

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