Classic rock

  • Doesn't matter where you are there is a classic rock radio station playing on the radio. In 30 years do you think it will be the same shit or will music we have now be considered classic rock?

  • It seems to me that Classic Rock has always referred more to the music's time period than it's style. When someone tells me they listen to Classic Rock it doesn't actually tell me what they like. They could mean Hard Rock, or Psychedelic Rock, or Power Pop, or Rhythm and Blues. It's unclear because they're using a broad term that actually refers to an amorphous abstract perception of a classic rock "era" and not a particular style. This is why I think that the term "classic rock" will always refer to the "same shit" and we'll just start to use terms like "classic indie" or "millenial rock/punk" which will describe a similarly un-defined era, and will lump bands together with different sounds from different movements based on when they came, not what genres they worked in.

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    I've wondered the same thing. I think it will change. It's hard to imagine though, because the rate of consumption has sped up so much. Now, songs from two summers ago feel old and "classic" feels like this static thing of the past. It has to change though, but I just wonder what will be considered classic and what won't age well.

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