NYC Open Mic Night

  • bring it back fam, i waited like twO HOURS in da line last time and didn't get 2 sing for yal :0(

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    @mychemiclroadman REALLY want to, but it's been crazy trying to plan it. Talking to venues all over the city. The bottom line is, even though we had a fucking line around the block on a Tuesday night, the bar didn't make as much money as they did on regular '80s nights or whatever they do. It was important to us to keep it as a free event so we didn't charge at the door and didn't sell tickets, but the people who got in weren't drinking. And the venue had to hire extra security because there were so many people in line.

    We did that show with no budget, and the only reason we were able to do it was because the venue decided to give us the room for free that night, thinking they'd make more money off the bar. That didn't happen, so now we need to figure out a new plan. We're considering charging or getting a sponsor involved, but not sure what the right move is. I think most people at that open mic night wanted to get on stage, but we can't possibly have more than 30 or so actually get up there. So if we charge, I'm worried a lot of people are going to be pissed that they pay money then don't get to perform.

    I don't know, still a lot to think about and we're in the middle of planning a couple of other No Ceilings shows and ComplexCon. But we've been trying to figure this out too and there will be another P&P Open Mic Night eventually.

    Open to suggestions.

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    smh you guys were supposed to get lit i'm disappointed

    how you let the 80s night bunch out drink you guys smfh

  • you should just let people know if they're gonna be able to perform or not at the door, maybe keep it to the first 15 artists so be safe and then charge $5 from then on.

    tbh tho it would be soo easy for you guys to get it sponsored, dumb alcohol companies used to fight so hard to sponsor our parties when i worked in fashion + i can't imagine it'd be that different 4 yall

  • why not let people submit freestyles and select the top 30 or so submissions to come in and perform and maybe let a wild card be picked at random from the rsvps or something. yeah. find a venue. grab some lq sponsors and boom.

  • shit, make it a whole process and get people involved with voting and such

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